Stuart Taylor

CEO, Springfox 

Stuart Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Springfox.

Since 2003, Stuart has engaged and inspired more than 20,000 people globally through his workshops, keynotes and conference presentations.A diagnosis of brain cancer in 2002 led Stuart on a personal journey back to health. Stuart became a strong advocate for incorporating cultural practices into organisations to nurture well-being. In 2003 he founded The Resilience Institute in Australia – now Springfox. His diversity of qualifications in psychology, finance, IT and aeronautical engineering bring a breadth of credibility and perspective to client situations.

Stuart is acknowledged as a strong and empathic speaker, facilitator, and executive coach who uses his expertise, humility and humour to engage participants. His purpose is to help people and organisations shift into a more compassionate space in order to reach sustainable high performance

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