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Change is Changing

In our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, now, more than ever, the way we manage change is changing.

What was once an abstract process of positioning levers and ticking boxes to manage the change has now become a process of leader led transformation.

A good analogy is the notion of Art over Science. If the Science of change was all about good governance of the change, standardising the process’ and sticking with the discipline of the change process, then the Art of Change is something else altogether.

The Art of Change is leader led. In the past the OD function, or the project change function, largely held by IT, bore a lot of the change responsibility.

Now, the focus is on how the leader in the business can, and should,

drive the change imperative. This is where the Art of Change comes in.

Does your leadership team have the trust of the people to lead through the change? Are they values led? And do they have the engagement of their people?

It is through this lens that Humanity in Business is bringing together an event that helps you, and your leadership team, manage, and lead, the Art of Change.

Join us for a highly interactive day with the presenters as well as practical exercises to help you embed the thought leadership into your workplace.

Investment: $600 +GST
Bring a Charity Partner for $200 +GST!
Table of 8: $4000 +GST

Guest Speakers

Chantal Patruno

Managing Director Blue Seed Consulting

Damian Menzies

CEO, Career Choice Services

Brett Young

Head of Enterprise Investment Services

Elise Fairbairn

MD, Transaction Banking Solutions, Institutional Banking & Markets, CBA

Event Program

Timings Details
9:00 – 9:10am

Muneesh Wadhwa. Founder – Humanity in Business

Muneesh will offer his perspective on change from his time leading round tables for the CIO Network. He will also share his perspective on how finding his purpose helped him deal with constant change as an entrepreneur.

9.10- 9.15am

Opening Remarks – Damian Menzies, CEO, Choice Career Services

9:15 – 9:45am

Peter Smith. CEO – Humanity in Business

Peter will be guiding the group learning by facilitating round table discussion and and the event learning objectives delegates are seeking for the day. He will also share his perspective from leading large scale change initiatives for Multi-nationals around the globe over the last 10 years.

9:45 – 10:30am

Change Leadership: The old way is dead. The future demands a new way of leading people during changing times.

Chantal Patruno, Director Blue Seed Consulting,

Jane Judd, Global President, Change Management Institute

John Carman, Director of Sales Operations, News Corp Australia,

Ian Spirit-Jones, Head of EPMO, Toyota Financial Services

We’ll be exploring the three key ‘players’ in any organisational system that work to make change happen – Change Architects, Change Enablers, Change Makers. Our panel of business leaders will share stories related to our respective change agenda’s, our personal styles and motivations, and how things go wrong. And from these multiple perspectives, sharing what we’ve learned and how we have (and always can) step up to lead change with wisdom and agility. Some big ideas and funny stories you can expect to hear about:

  • What is a change intelligent organisational system?
  • What’s the best change approach – nudging people into or out of their comfort zone?
  • What really gets in the way of sustainable business change success?
  • Have we lost the human-ness of leading humans through change? Could bots do this job?
  • Taking a systems approach to getting change right and lifting change maturity, capability, and capacity as we go.

Expect to be wholeheartedly included and involved in these discussions as we explore different perspectives with a bit of storytelling and a dash of competitive fun. Bring your left and right brain, your mobile device and shining eyes to this session.

10.30am- 11am

Why Is Empathy Needed to Lead Change Successfully?

Daniel Murray, Director, Empathic Consulting & IAG Foundation Manager

Leadership is challenging. Leading through change can be even more so! Leading through change requires clarity, communication and trust. It requires Leaders who can tap into the pulse of stakeholders and understand what is driving them. Leaders need Empathy!
Empathy is a capability vital to the bottom line of business. Whether we are working with our staff, clients or partners, our capacity to build a true understanding of others unlocks unique opportunities to tap into the emotions, motivations and inspirations that drive human behaviour. In this workshop, Daniel Murray shares stories, strategies and easy-to-use models on how the activation of empathy in an organisation drives performance, productivity and profit. At the end of this session, participants will have a better understanding of what empathy is, and how they can use it to deliver better outcomes and engagement through challenging times.

11pm – 11:30am

Morning Tea

11:30am– 12:15pm

Moving to Human Centred Change: Applying Human Centred Design Techniques to Change Design and Delivery

Andrea de Wattignar, Design Thinking Facilitator, Sydney Trains & Director, Metamorph Australia

Organisations want to accelerate change, disgruntled employees can derail progress and customers are more vocal about what they want. In Government it is no different. We step inside how Transport for NSW has embraced an approach known as Human Centred Design (HCD) that is enabling rapid change at high rates of return and increasingly engaged employees. Importantly, customer satisfaction results are at an all time high and rising. What is HCD? At its heart is a commitment to designing products, services and experiences in response to the real needs of people. How can you blend HCD into many of the good change methods we all use? Join us for a practical excercise to learn, do and share

– Take away insights from working examples in TfNSW and Sydney Trains
– Top up your toolkit with collaboration & HCD methods used in Government, corporate and beyond
– Understand the HCD mindset that acts like fertiliser for change and engagement
– Get out from behind the table and become a 15 minute designer (geeky glasses not included).



1.00pm – 1.45pm

Leading Negative Change in a Positive Way

Damian Menzies, CEO, Career Services,

Illona Laurie-Rhodes, HR Manager Generation, ENGIE

Our working life as we know it will soon be gone….how do we cope?
Imagine the impact on the employees and community in a regional centre when it is announced by the parent company in Paris that a business which has been operating in that regional centre for over 50 years and employs around 800 people directly, is under threat of closure. Imagine the challenge for the management team at that site, when that announcement was made without any prior warning, and then six months later it is announced that the business will close in less than 5 months’ time. This is the situation that the management team at Hazelwood Power Station and Mine found themselves in.

What were the key leadership challenges for the management team?
What key leadership behaviours and strategies were required to manage this situation?
How did the Management Team engage with and provide support to the employees who were disenfranchised and anxious ?

1.45pm– 2.15pm

Leading Change with Purpose and Emotional Agility

Brett Young Head of Enterprise Investment Services,Westpac

Alice Crawley, Change Director, Westpac,

James Bawtree, CEO, PM Logic


Join us for an innovative, fresh and stimulating discussion around what it takes to lead, implement and embed lasting transformation across organisations through executive influence, a customer centric purpose and emotional agile stakeholder engagement. James Bowtree, Brett Young and Alice Crawley each bring their unique perspective through their combined 65 + years (?) of professional experience in leading transformations and what it takes to truly effect change at all levels of an organisation.

The panel will explore multiple dimensions of meaningful and effective stakeholder engagement; identifying a powerful sense of purpose, the place of behavioural coaching and motivation of leaders, the importance of flexible leadership styles and approaches to change in business, the value of knowing your customer touchpoints and the role of emotional agility when leading change. Emotionally agile stakeholder engagement will build on key themes related to developing a compelling vision, values and how to walk your why in the workplace to support individuals and organisations transform and become more resilient and effective.

2:15pm– 2.45pm

What Happens When Change Management Doesn’t Change?

Dr Anat Hassner. Woolworths Transformation Lead

In conversation with Peter Smith Dr Hassner will answer questions regarding her experience on the failings of change management, In this enlightening interview Dr Hassner will share the story of her work across multiple significant Australian business changes and reveal how change management is ripe for disruption because of it’s inherent flaws. A necessary and provocative discussion about the nuts and bolts of real change and how transformation is more easily measured

2.45pm– 3:30pm

Impact of Resilience Capability on Change Agility and Performance

Stuart Taylor, CEO, Springfox (Associated with The Resilience Institute)

In times of increasing uncertainty and persistent change, resilience within an organisation is essential to a sustainable high performance culture. So what is it that makes an organisation and its people resilient? In this session, CEO of Springfox (formally The Resilience Institute), Stuart Taylor will discuss the link between resilience, resilient leadership and the ability to have change agility as a core competency in an organisation.

Stuart will present the results of Springfox’s recent Global Resilience Report which show an increasingly anxious and overloaded modern workforce which isn’t conducive to organisations being as innovative, adaptive and successful as they could be, how building resilience is indeed possible, and how it will have impact.

Attendees will step through a case study where resilience principles have been used to build change agile leaders and a resilient organisation. They will also get to experience a resilience simulation in line with Springfox philosophy.

3:30– 4pm

Afternoon Tea

4pm– 4:30pm

What Does it Take to Lead Change Successfully?

Chris Johnson, Executive Director – IT, Asia Pacific | Twentieth Century Fox Film Co Ltd

Vulnerability – Leading Change by Letting Go…
When asked to lead the migration of all file-based processes to the cloud across 20th Century Fox Theatrical, Television Distribution and Home Entertainment international divisions, Christopher never imagined that success would come by releasing control. This cyber-security driven global programme became a valuable lesson in trust and the importance of vulnerability in managing large-scale change.
Stakeholder management, crafted messaging, business champions, subject-matter-expertise, customised training and user adoption programmes were all the standard ingredients for success, but the key was knowing what to control and what accountability to delegate. As a result, 4,000+ users successfully migrated to the cloud platform, allowing Fox to retire all server-based infrastructure across 30 countries, delivering record levels of adoption (an average monthly access level of 93%), significantly higher than any other corporate on this popular global storage platform.

Katherine Squire, GM Applications Development, ASX

Make Yourself Uncomfortable
Change is scary. It can feel risky, it can even feel unsafe….for the change leader as well as staff. Over the years, I have learned the difference between feeling ‘uncomfortable’ versus feeling ‘unsafe’. The key ingredient to successful change programs is to foster an environment that challenges not only your team but yourself. If your team see you striving towards a new goal (and sometimes failing), they will feel safe to also make themselves ‘uncomfortable’.
Complacency is far riskier than supported change.

4:30pm – 5pm

Game of Thrones -A Change Simulation

Kestrel Stone, Elemental Projects

Put your change management knowledge and skills to the test in this action-packed simulation based in the world of the smash hit Game of Thrones


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