Andrea de Wattignar

Design Thinking Facilitator, Sydney Trains

Facilitating innovation and change form the roots of my tree. I have 15 years experience facilitating business, cultural and community change including supporting the UN East Timor transition; running a communications business; consulting to government on change management and founding Metamorph which assists communities and organisations to harness emerging possibilities, innovate and transform through collaboration and co-design.

The intersection of right process, right people and alignment around solving the right problem finds the self, communities and organisations at a powerful place of opportunity. And this is where you’ll find me; in that pause where people are calling for change, discovering the consciousness they need to transform and seeking the tools for the journey.

You’ll find me in business environments leading small-large technology, people and culture changes; facilitating groups to accelerate and solve complex problems; designing innovation experiences to explore and manifest emerging business models, and enabling networked collaborative communities able to build and sustain better futures. You’ll also find me speaking on design thinking, collaboration, innovation, transformation and change.

I enjoy working with communities, organisations and individuals in a “What If” approach to transformation. Trading counter-productive thinking and practices for purpose-driven, creative, self supporting and socially nurturing mindsets. Capable of responding to change intelligently, gracefully and empowered by ownership. Through collaboration we see communities and organisations become healthy eco-systems.

Skills & Expertise:
Group Facilitation – MG Taylor
Human centred design
Collaborative Working
Design Thinking
End-to-end organisational change – culture, innovation, technology, service delivery
Coaching (change leadership, innovation, collaborative working)
Capability training design and delivery
Stakeholder engagement
Public speaking

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